Dance Matters Dance Productions

Organization Details


Dance Matters Dance Productions produces four programs: the Presentation Series, the Post-Performance Discussion, Production Education Workshops and our Commission and Residency Program. Through these programs, Dance Matters provides the Toronto dance community with a fully produced and administrated performance platform; educates and informs the artists and audience about dance and its many forms, disciplines and artistic viewpoints through our moderated discussion sessions; educates artists on how to better prepare themselves for future show productions and related activities; helps artists with their individual success and enables the success of the community.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Our aim is to contribute to the development of artists’ work and their careers while broadening the landscape of dance in Canada. The nature of the performance platform, the range of artists we present and our post-show and pre-show activities enable Dance Matters to connect artists to new audiences, expose artists and audiences to many forms of dance and build comaraderie within the national dance community.


Dance Matters curates and presents finished dance works created by dance artists from any artistic point of view, aesthetic and discipline that represent a broad range of artists (emerging through senior) in a variety of solo, duet, or group pieces. We provide a platform for artists to propose their original choreography to the themed program that best relates to their work and artistic mandate. We believe in curatorial transparency and variety.