Akwaba Cultural Exchange

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644 Willmott Crescent
Milton , ON
L9T 6E9


Phone: 4169382320
Email: akwaba.exchange@yahoo.ca


Information and history about the Group: Akwaba is commonly used word of the Akan people in Ivory Coast of West Africa, meaning “Welcome”, the way of accepting people or visitors, saying that our doors are open for them. In a sense Akwaba reflects the philosophy of this organization whose goal is to raise awareness of West Africa’s rich histories of dance and music, and to bring people together through the common appreciation of Africa’s cultural resources. Akwaba Was built upon a core curriculum in performing arts, but it also has an educational program through workshop, lecture and class-demonstration within African dance, music and mask history. The repertory is made up of dance, music, poetry and theatre performance derived from the social, spiritual, historical and political life of African society. This repertory is based on an extraordinary lively people culture. Akwaba performances are classical African folk arts with rustic charm of African traditional cultures. Jean Assamoa, a professional dancer, musician, choreographer, comedian, actor, lecturer, Teacher artist, storyteller and African Fashion Promoter is the Founder and Artistic Director. He has been teaching and performing for over 20 years in Africa, Europe, USA and Canada.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Music and dance is the foundation of life from birth until death. It promotes healing, challenges our self-discipline, unites the community and motives us to pass it on to the next generation to keep the culture alive. This ensure a sense of pride, awareness and appreciation for self held in high esteem so each child can make a proud statement where ever they choose to go in life. A positive impact to Toronto communities.


- African dance(importance of exercise and stretching- historical and cultural context- meaning) - African drumming(dimensional aspect- socio-cultural functions of the Instruments- means of communication). - Storytelling - Model's training - History of African culture - Costumes and traditions - Singing(teaching the link between music, drumming and dancing as one activity)


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