TO Live

Organization Details

1 Front Street East
Toronto , Ontario
M5E 1B2


3 ICONIC VENUES ACROSS TORONTO 7 MAJESTIC PERFORMANCE SPACES 500,000 PATRONS DAZZLED BY WORLD-CLASS EVENTS EACH YEAR Connecting three of Toronto’s most iconic theatres: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (soon to be Meridian Hall), St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, and Toronto Centre for the Arts (soon to be Meridian Arts Centre), TO Live presents a full range of performing arts, theatrical and concert events, family programs, and free community events. TO Live’s mission is to connect audiences and communities with inspiring local and international artists, activate creative spaces to elevate artistic potential, and reflect the full breadth of Toronto’s diversity through creative expression.

Thoughts About Art and Community

The mandate of TO Live is to provide quality performance and event facilities and to promote its contribution to the artistic, cultural and social vitality of Toronto and its communities.


Across seven theatres and multiple ancillary spaces, we offer ticketed performances across all genres, school programs, and education & engagement programming for the community including but not limited to talks, workshops, demonstrations, masterclasses, backstage tours, and more.