Killer B Cinema

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Phone: 4167371435


Welcome to Killer B Cinema! Grab some popcorn and snuggle up to your date. Some Killer B movies await! We’ve got creepy monsters and some kitschy ones too. There will be flying saucers and some alien crew. A vampire, a zombie and even a bat. There will be giant leeches, a caveman and a creature from an oil slicked vat. Take your seat and get ready to sit tight. We’ve got a double feature, that we know, will delight! Killer B Cinema is hosted by everyone’s favourite sassy redhead Lizzie Violet and that hepcat Zoltan Du Lac. Unlike Algebra, they will finally get to use all of that information they have stored away in their brains, about all those b-movies they’ve watched from the 1950s to 1980s. Please join us, the first Friday of every month, on the 2nd floor of See-Scape. This joint will be swinging with trivia, prizes and theme nights! Twitter: @killerbcinema Instagram: @killerbcinema

Thoughts About Art and Community

We are a meeting place for those who share a fun interest.


A night of b-movies, trivia and community.