RedWit Theatre


RedWit Theatre is committed to producing theatre that addresses themes and issues pervasive in North American Culture that regularly go unspoken or are considered taboo. We strive to bring theatre to audiences through education and frank portrayals that we hope will open up an honest and respectful dialogue while simultaneously creating allies for communities that are stigmatized and inadequately portrayed in the entertainment industry. Our goal at RedWit is not just to make spectacular theatre but to make theatre that matters.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Our company is working to produce productions and events that will affect and change the way Toronto audiences view stigmatized topics and to help create allies within our communities. These topics include: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mental Health, Autonomy for female bodies, Sexuality and Sexual Freedom, etc. We are passionate about making theatre that employs and showcases actors establishing their careers in Toronto, especially female-identifying performers. We aim to put stories on stage that assist audience members in feeling empathy and relation to those who have an experience outside their own.


Theatre Performances, Cabaret Performances, Play Reading Nights, Fundraising Events, Workshops, etc.