Suleman Khan

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Toronto , Ontario



Suleman is a Toronto based artist working in sculpture, acrylics, mixed media and installation. He graduated with BFA in Fine Arts from Faculty of Arts at National College of Arts, Pakistan. Khan has participated in various group and solo shows in Pakistan and London. His work has been part of various publications including an article on contemporary Pakistani art and literature in Wasafiri magazine on "Reframing Violence, Transforming Impression". Khan's work is reaction to challanges and judgments faced by his Baluch community in Pakistan. He works with tough mediums like barbed wires, metal scraps, nails and fibre glass. He created an installation of nests made with barbed wires for a group exhibition in London to show his experience of living in tribal area. His recent solo show titled "In this World" had a very disturbing series of portraits and sculptures that were deformed and hard to recognize. He used fibre glass and charcoal on newsprints as his mediums to express his thoughts. Khan has now moved to Toronto and continues to express his connection with his community and compare it with present surroundings.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Khan's work explores a connection between the peaceful neighbourhood he now lives in and an unsettled tribal region that he identifies himself with. His work gives awareness to viewers of a world outside this bubble. He continues to change his practice as his surroundings inspire him.


Sculpture, Painting.