Ewelina Ferenc

Organization Details

103-9, Morningside Avenue
Toronto , Ontario


Phone: 6477105513
Email: ewe.ferenc@gmail.com


My name is Ewelina (pronounced “Evaleena”) and I am a singer and arts manager born and raised in Katowice, Poland. I hold a Master of Arts degree from the University of Silesia in Communication Studies. I also studied Ethnomusicology at the Warsaw University in Poland. My travelling spirit brought my voice, music and skills to Canada in 2016. As the lead singer and manager of Polky Village Band and Blisk, I am an active member of the Canadian world music industry where I collaborate with many different musicians of different backgrounds in Toronto.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I started two music groups since moving to Canada.: Polky and BLISK. Both of them reach Eastern European audiences, which includes Polish, and Ukrainian, Hungarian and Jewish diasporas but also Canadian audiences. My music and my background have a big impact the world music industry in Canada, because there is no Polish folk band in this industry that has the drive to reach Canadians. My goal is to reach beyond my communities, and by collaborating with well-known Canadian musicians, to present this music outside Eastern European communities.


Polish and Eastern European folk music, Polish and Eastern European dances and songs.