Angel Glady

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario
M9C 4X6


I am a professional dancer and theatre activist. I performed in different languages in India. I performed in realistic modern theatre and clown as well. I've collaborated with several diverse theatre groups including South Korean Theatre Group called "TUIDA" and Clowns Without Borders from France. As a dancer, I am a skilled contemporary and semi-classical Indian dancer. Now in Toronto, I am seeking performance opportunities as well as platforms to create my own work and tell my stories.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I am committed to making a space for trans artists to use their voice to tell their stories. I want to educate audiences about my specific trans brown female immigrant experience. I want the world to listen to stories through a trans perspective which is inclusive, respectful and honest. I want to empower younger trans artists as well as newcomer artists and bring these communities together.


I am training to give workshops on clown and dance to younger, emerging artists and/or students. I also feel comfortable giving motivational speeches which include sharing my life stories.