I am an artist based in Toronto, as a permanent resident. I was living in Paris, France before that but was born & raised in Gabon and Congo. I do music mostly, as a rapper-singer/spoken word artist. I compose music as well and write screenplays occasionally. I also have a creative direction side that had me co-directing music videos, documentaries and visuals arts projects/photoshoots. Being the most extrovert of introvert people, I like networking with creative people, brainstorm, collaborate and create. One of my aims is to release a music album (in 2020) and a documentary that will impact the youth, my community, and any immigrant and I will be sharing my journey and how I overcame tough odds because I knew that 'I didn't come this FAR to only come this FAR'. Update: I release my debut album + the docuseries mentioned above, this 2020.

Thoughts About Art and Community

My art/music aims at empowering people, sharing experiences they can relate to so they can aspire to make the most out of this life and give their bestest, with the firm conviction that anything is possible, wherever they come from.


Music/Poetry (writing/composing, performing), film/documentary directing/producing, visual arts.