Wendy Belcourt

Organization Details

2218-220 Oak Street
Toronto , ON
M5A 2E1


Phone: 647-766-4608
Email: wendybelcourt@hotmail.com


I act, sing, dance, model, play keyboards in a band. I submit for creative jobs, incubator spaces, castings and have to find out what grants to apply for now. I started film making, pottery, oil painting, photography, screenwriting, have a pop album and now have to get a rehearsal space to memorize a bunch of cover songs, edit my backup tracks and memorize the rest of my songs from my album. I applied for the Launch show, entered the My Toronto photo contest and made it to the Top 40 for the gallery show for 2 photos where 1 moved up to the Top 20 and went on the the top 13 to go into next year's calendar for January. We get paid to sing gigs with the choir and with the band that I am in we get gigs as well. I am checking out the new Artscape Launchpad in the next week or so in person to apply for their music mentorship program.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I bring beauty and happiness to people by my singing, dancing, acting, modelling, keyboard and piano playing not to mention my album.


I make my own pottery, oil paintings, one acrylic so far, crafts and have hard copies of my album ready to sell. I do some vendor tables with my POS machine and shows.