Akshata Naik

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario

Phone: 6477800939
Email: akshatapnx@gmail.com


Akshata Naik, an internationally acclaimed artist, she is also doing her research on the aesthetics of migration through visual art and multi-cultures that Canadian contemporary art is growing with.According to her art practice is an ongoing struggle with self and while one is an academician it gets more complicated only to realize that it gives an extra dimension to your practice further pushing the limits of one’s work and thought process. The parallels between teaching and learning, a process which both inclines to the ultimate achievement of knowledge that has helped her build her work much stronger.

Thoughts About Art and Community

The work strives to impact and break the barriers among the people in the community and encourage them to interact with each other by sharing their stories through art as a medium. The ultimate aim of the art intervention is to activate a feeling of oneness despite of cultural/ethnic differences and celebrate as one community. The results of the conversation during intervention generally triggers the sense of equity and consideration among the audience and participants.


Community art activation's, workshops, art talks and research She recently showed "Bloody boats" at Toronto early this year as a part of “Stoke of Luck” a community engaged cultural art event in the downtown gallery. She is currently pursuing Arts Administration and Cultural Management course at Humber College in Toronto, Canada, BBC Coverage of Bloody Boats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqOnhd_1KJo