I started my official artistic learning percussion in 2011 – Damascus, music allowed me to emotionally communicate and interact with, step out of boundaries and comfort zone , and learn new things about my self my potential and capabilities , and about others and their artistic visions and inspirations , experience , I learned multiple variations of, Flamenco, Arabic, western rhythms I used my skills in camps in Damascus and in Lebanon with children simply making music ,songs, I experienced first hand how music can help children express their feeling , overcome trauma , and find the common between each others through making music , playing rhythms , and creating simple songs and beats I am member of Diar “Trio “together we create Arabic music infused with Flamenco flavor ,this kind of music speaks about us,our back ground and memories , I still Use my skills while working with children in a personal collective called “Music from hope “,a creative outlet, where children express their feeling, communicate through art to overcome trauma and break emotional barriers , establish friendship , by leading groups and creating music experimenting the process of making music with no limitation or boundaries

Thoughts About Art and Community

My plan to use Music medium to Contributed In emotional healing for children , youth and grown ups , use Music to bring together people, overcome barriers . hoping that My contribution in music would live a positive image about my self and my culture and back ground , and add to the wonderful multicultural Canadian artistic scene


I facilitated workshops that using music as a therapeutic activity to help children in or from war zones to overcome their trauma , rhythms are the basic ,easiest music type that someone can learn fast with handy instruments in few sessions , and it releases energy and boost creativity .