Ferida Dilmaghani

Organization Details

320 Tweedsmuir Ave, unit 1404
York , ON
M5P 2Y3

Phone: 7788799768


Ferida holds a Master's Degree in painting from Azad University, and has teaching experience in Lamei, Sterabad Universities as well as Sama and Maedeh colleges for more than eleven years. Her paintings were published in the 7th and 8th National Biennial and 4th and 6th Fajr International Festival's books. Ferida’s work has been exhibited in fifteen group exhibitions in Iran and Canada. Her work resides in private collections in Iran and Canada.

Thoughts About Art and Community

As an artist I have had successful experiences of showing and selling my paintings at the Port Moody Art Centre in British Columbia in 2016. I also worked as a stage decorator and costume designer/seamstress for the Iranian Norooz event at the Toronto Farsi School in 2017, and as a set designer and painter for the Toronto Farsi School’s theatre productions in 2018.  I am a member of the Iranian Canadian visual Art Association.


Ferida Dilmaghani was born in Iran, the Middle East in 1975. She works in the style of Abstract Expressionism. Her paintings often depict farmland and nature from a bird's eye view, expressing her love of the outdoors, particularly farmland and trees. Her imagination displays the memories of her childhood dreams. Ferida believes the pure world of childhood is comprehensible for everyone. Ferida is inspired by children's imagination and purity as they use personal images to create their dreams. She expresses these feelings in the form of Abstract Expressionism. Brush strokes, textures and acrylic colour scrapes on canvas help Ferida portray her thoughts with honesty and sincerity. Ferida uses warm and bright colours such as red, orange and brown surrounded by cold and warm greys. The way of drawing by different characteristic lines with various tools such as brushes, oil pastel, and charcoals help her create personal emotional paintings that convey feelings such as happiness, anger and excitement. Ferida uses different textures on canvas with painting tools made of plastic, wood and metal with a variety of edges. These textures' effect give her the opportunity to release her childhood dreams onto canvas.