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4 Bartlett Ave
Toronto , Ontario
M6H 3E6

Phone: 6477384614


Meek is a multi-disciplinary artist who loudly supports the strange, the macabre, the provocative, rough, and rowdy. Passionate about issues such as body image & eating disorders, addiction & mental health, and LGBTQ+ rights, he creates art that confronts social and political problems in a deeply personal way. An outspoken and colourful person by nature, Meek’s work often juxtaposes dark subject matter with bright colours; on his canvases, the bleak becomes transformed into the vibrant. He firmly believes that art should ignite a reaction and tell a truth. +++++++++++++++++++++++ His work possesses a rawness and intimacy that comes from exploring deeply personal themes. Seeking help made him painfully aware of both the inadequate support and the stereotypes surrounding who is affected by mental health. As such, his work opens a fierce dialogue: if enough noise about these issues is made, people can’t avoid them. Revealing his struggles to a larger public, and emphatically declaring his flaws, fears, and vulnerabilities, has been a perpetually healing process that he continues to pursue today.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Meek strives to open minds; to educate; to create awareness; to bring to light the things people keep in the dark. Canada has an image of acceptance, yet it has been his observation and experience that there is a strong lack of openness outside of conservative mindsets. Some of his work might shock or disgust while some of it might stir a painful reaction as people recall their own memories or stories from loved ones. Some might ignite hope, happiness, and joy. His intention is not to tell the viewer how to interpret something but instead to encourage them to engage.


Meek's work does not stay confined in one box and he is interested in experimenting with a variety of art practices and mediums. In a world that seeks to impose restricting norms –– from gender binarism to impossible standards about weight –– he uses abstract expressionism as a way to rebel against perfectionism. When painting in the abstract, there are no mistakes. Embracing the flawed, the messy, and the chaotic, Meek defies limiting social prescriptions through his photos, his words, his performance and more. He plays with pop art styles to voice social and political commentary in a bold and irreverent way. He uses his body as a canvas the same as he uses canvas itself. +++++++++++++++++++++++ Rather than imposing a particular interpretation, Meek’s art encourages the viewer to develop their own response and to engage in dialogue. All of his work is about stimulating questions and critical conversations. Many of his proposals work with inviting the audience in to see more than just a piece of art. His work frequently encourages interaction with the audience.