Organization Details

Dufferin & Bloor
Toronto , Ontario
M6H 3E6

Phone: 6472107069


Meek is a multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Toronto, Ontario. A loud personality who experiments with a variety of practices and mediums -- having a background in performance, photography, music, and more -- he loudly supports those who walk off the beaten path and stand outside of the box. As a creative, Meek embraces the flawed, the messy, and the chaotic. He defies limiting social prescriptions through his art, his photos, his words, his performance and his being.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Meek strives to open minds; to educate; to create awareness; to bring to light the things people keep in the dark. Canada has an image of acceptance, yet it has been his observation and experience that there is a strong lack of openness outside of conservative mindsets. Some of his work might shock or disgust while some of it might stir a painful reaction as people recall their own memories or stories from loved ones. Some might ignite hope, happiness, and joy. His intention is not to tell the viewer how to interpret something but instead to encourage them to engage.


Meek is a multidisciplinary artist who has recently moved into the realm of performance art. Curating music and movement, he uses his body to express the world within to the world outside and visa-versa. He is experienced both as a professional artist and in helping maintain, organize, and aid events & productions.