Alice Il Shin

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Toronto , ON
M3N 2W3


Alice Shin is a Korean filmmaker who received her formal film training at Nihon University, Japan. She began her career in national broadcasting with the NHK Educational Broadcasting Company, Japan. Since then, she has worked in Japan, Korea, and the USA as a director, producer, editor, and other supporting roles. Her independent work has screened at numerous international film festivals, including Cine Rail International Film Festival (France) and Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea), and has been showcased on major networks like Fuji TV (Japan). Outside her film work, Ms. Shin has worked in commercial photography, music videos, and promotions for major Korean and Japanese celebrities. As an educator, Ms. Shin has also enjoyed passing on her knowledge as a filmmaking teacher in the Korean secondary school system, and created educational films in partnerships with Seoul National University and the National Institute of the Korean Language. Currently, Ms. Shin lives in Canada making independent films. Her current film project titled Haru's New year follows a young immigrant living in Toronto.

Thoughts About Art and Community

My recent film project titled Haru's New Year is generously supported by Toronto Art Council, Ontario Art Council and Canada Council for the Arts. Since I have been working with other artists and Toronto community members—filmmakers from various regions, youth actors from various cultural backgrounds, and location supervisors in a school, streets, and shelters on-set—through this project, it will present a good opportunity to learn about multiculturalism and friendship for everybody involved. For my audience, the film is wholly capable of being appreciated by any film-lover, though, or anybody interested in the complex emotional lives of youths, especially those who struggle with friendship and reaching out. Since the film describes a school and streets in Toronto as well, it will present to show a real beauty of Toronto to audience.


Filmmaking/government grants/pitch workshops, Creating festivals with various artist, and etc.