Alice Il Shin


ALICE IL SHIN is a Korean filmmaker who received her formal film training at Nihon University, Japan. Since then, she has been working in Japan, Korea, the USA, and Canada as a director, producer and editor. She now resides in Canada as a permanent resident since 2017. Alice’s work takes an interest in Asian-Canadian experiences similar to her own. Her debut Canadian short film, "Haru’s New Year (2018)", was shown at film festivals worldwide with numerous awards, though she is most proud of its positive reception among local communities and schools within Southern Ontario, Canada. The following year, her elegiac short film "Signal Fire (2019)" was hosted at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham while making its festival run.  Her first short documentary, "CBC Arts: Emma Nishimura (2020)", showcases an artist whose experimental creations demonstrate the human cost of the Japanese internment in Canada. Continuing on the theme of Japanese-Canadian internment, her documentary Home and Native Land(s) (on-going) is currently supported by the National Association of Japanese Canadians and the Canada Council for the Arts with mentorship from the 2020 Hot Docs Accelerator Lab.

Thoughts About Art and Community

My debut Canadian film titled Haru's New Year is generously supported by Toronto Art Council, Ontario Art Council and Canada Council for the Arts. Since I have been working with other artists and Toronto community members—filmmakers from various regions, youth actors from various cultural backgrounds, and location supervisors in a school, streets, and shelters on-set—through this project, it will present a good opportunity to learn about multiculturalism and friendship for everybody involved. For my audience, the film is wholly capable of being appreciated by any film-lover, though, or anybody interested in the complex emotional lives of youths, especially those who struggle with friendship and reaching out. Since the film describes a school and streets in Toronto as well, it will present to show a real beauty of Toronto to audience.


Filmmaking/government grants/pitch workshops, Creating festivals with various artist, and etc.