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90 Eastdal Ave
Toronto , ON
M4C 5A2


Phone: 6478676213
Email: hakim.5050@yahoo.com


Abdulhakim Elmsharta is Libyan-Canadian artist, currently living and working in Toronto. He studied Fine and Applied Arts at the Tripoli University in Libya. and graduated from that Department of Ceramics and Glass in 2009. Elmsharta is a recipient of multiple awards, including First Prize in the First Festival of Plastic Arts for University in Alkhomus City in 2010, and First Prize in the Anuual Artistic Competition for Universities, in Benghazi City in 2009, and First Prize in the Anuual Artistic Competition for Universities in Tripoli in 2009. His work has been exhibited extensively throughout Libya, and be found in permanent collection of the University of Tripoli Culture Center as well as the Culture Center in Kkla, Libya, between 2010 and 2014, Elmsharta has though Ceramics and Glass class at the University of Tripoli. Since relocating to Canada, he has been actively engaged in the community arts. He has held a position of Ceramics instructor at the Turtle house and is currently volunteering with the Airsa Art and Thought Association. He continues new work at the Gardiner Museum ceramics Studio..

Thoughts About Art and Community

Most of my artwork has a technical message،I do a technical works on the problems of society


I am an artist in ceramics،I can teach ceramics،I also love to participate in art exhibitions