Dancing Damsels Inc.

Organization Details

12, Trinnell Blvd
Toronto , ON
M1L 1S5


Phone: 416-788-6412
Email: md@ddshows.com


We a not for profit organization that promotes multicultural arts & women empowerment.

Thoughts About Art and Community

With such an abundance of dance groups associated with Dancing Damsels, participation in the festival is a great opportunity for dance groups to promote their own work and ventures, and interact with other dancers and dance groups to forge collaborations.


Each year Dancing Damsels hosts the Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF). The recurring theme of the festival is “Showcasing World Dance Forms – All on One Stage”. Professional Level Dancers, Dance Companies, Dance production teams & Community Dance Groups will get an opportunity to showcase their dance styles. TIDF is a celebration of the diversity and prosperity of the dance community in Toronto and beyond, providing opportunity to professional and community dance groups to perform on stage for a multicultural audience. Past events showcased over 60 different dance pieces, well over 200 performers and an impressive variety of dance forms including: Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom, Modern, Contact Improv, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Irish, Latin,Egyptian Belly Dancing, and almost all South Asian Classical and popular dance forms, just to name a few.