Farha Parmita


I like to work with sectors beyond the arts; for I see art as a medium to express, raise awareness, connect, and coming together as one just society. I focus on tangible results to quantify achievements whether in freelancing, writing poems, abstract art with acrylic and watercolours, wood sculpting, macramé, knitting, weaving basket and tapestry, figurine with plaster and clay. I am deeply interested in art, philosophy, and experimental excursion. I like the obscure cult of art and how it can be used to elevate our mind, body and spirit. I am constantly piqued by rare art house media, be in poems, music, or literature. I thrive amidst concepts and epitomes of humanity & social justice.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I aim to provide targeted support to the integration process of newcomers and refugees to Toronto through arts and craft. I strive to reduce barriers to arts participation, but also increase access to the arts for all underserved or marginalized communities – indigenous, immigrants, newcomers, refugees and low-income individuals. I work with sectors beyond the arts. Engage individual in health (relax and unwind), justice (art as a medium to express, raise awareness, and share stories) and provide a sense of community, social connection, civic engagement and contribute to building a more just society.


I collaborate with various non-profit organizations to engage and connect with the community through art. I initiated this project and anticipate that this might help first nation youth to continue cultural preservation and better cope newcomers and refugees with the difficult process of cultural integration. Further, the public and community collaborative aspects of the project will offer opportunities to educate the community about the newcomer and refugee experience and build positive cross-cultural relationships.