Shabnam Afrand

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Toronto , ON

Phone: 6479199439


Shabnam Afrand is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, born and educated in Tehran, Iran and moved to Canada in 2013 .She obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree from Azad University in 2001, with a thesis that examined the interpretation of women in art history. She taught in the faculty of Fine Arts of Azad University from 2003 to 2010 and has been a member of the Iranian Painters Society since 2003. Her practice consists of painting, installation, performance, Sculpture and metalsmithing. Throughout this range of media, she explores the theme of life and death and creates an ambience of longing in her works. As an immigrant woman, identity is one of the main themes in her work. She uses memorable objects with fanciful extensions to consider how one can integrate bitter memories and warm nostalgia into their sense of self. She displayed her works nationally and internationally .Currently she based in Toronto and works on her new project.

Thoughts About Art and Community

As a newcomer who utilized an opportunity to immigrate to Canada, I am delighted that connecting to the arts and cultural communities here in the city, despite the initial challenges, has allowed me to enthusiastically settle down, enrich my life with new friendships, grow fresh roots, and be able to call Toronto home. Since my arrival I have never stopped to enhance my professional development either through taking courses or ceasing mentorship opportunities. In addition I received mentorship newcomer grant from Toronto Art Council in 2020 , RBC Access Fund from Toronto art Foundation 2017,2018 and collaborate in public art project through City of Toronto. over the years, I have entrenched in joining artistic collectives and networks, held solo and group exhibitions, facilitated workshops and held seasonal art institutes, and lectured at classes for art enthusiasts and professionals. Furthermore, I have engaged in assembling artists from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds in various hubs and professional community boards, and successfully curetted exhibitions for emerging and established artists from myriads of disciplines within the newcomer communities.


I am an artist and educator .