Althea Knight - The Creative Art of Being


Althea is an artist, educator, traveller, outdoor enthusiast, nature ambassador, creativity and wellness facilitator who designs, delivers and organizes art, self-care, mental health & wellbeing talks, walks, and workshops for youth, adults and families of diverse demographics and cultural flavours in schools, community organizations and private groups locally and abroad. Keen on growing healthier communities along with awareness and interactions with art and nature, she is co-founder and director of the Parkdale Walking Group, Althea is also the founder and facilitator of “The Creative Art of Being ”" where personalized artistic expression, exploration, and enjoyment are encouraged and practiced as participants engage mind, body, and spirit with colour, movement, mindfulness, and voice play.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I am based in Parkdale. I love to build community and give back to the community. My next art exhibition will be a project I am working on titled Love letters to Parkdale, capturing the oral living history of Parkdale and reflective art pieces of the neighbourhood and people. I am also a co-founder and director of the Parkdale Walking Group. I have facilitated and run several art and creativity workshops, mindfulness, mental health and wellness workshops, and mindful based walking groups, partnering with not-for-profit organizations within the community in such places as in public schools, Ecuhome and The Redwood Shelter. I live, work and volunteer in the community and am an active part in Parkdale and Toronto at large. I strongly believe in community building. I recently organized a neighbourhood clean up and The Love Walk that happened on Saturday, June 10th which had a great turn out, and represented an opportunity for neighbours to come together and show love for their neighbourhood. It was in co-operation with OCASI and IRCNFF campaigns to raise awareness about the warning signs of woman abuse and promote bystander intervention with immigrant and refugee communities across Ontario. I love Parkdale, love Toronto and the people in it and I hope that reflects in my art and my life's work.


-Facilitate Creative Art of Being Workshops for personal growth and community engagement locally and globally. -Guide Nature, Art, community appreciation Walking Groups for community building -Lead guided Mindfulness/Meditation and art practices in schools, community organizations -Facilitate Self-Care & Wellness Workshops incorporate expressive arts in the community and schools. -Mental Health, self-care and wellness advocate and WRAP educator with art influenced wellness activities The Creative Art of Being workshops help participants unleash their creativity and release artistic blocks as a tool for wellness, community engagement and social change.