REAson detre dance productions


REAson d'etre dance productions strives to: 1) To teach and inspire people about contact dance improvisation, dance/theatre and the axis syllabus through the creation and production of classes, workshops, dance jams, performances and festivals. 2) To work with a range of junior, mid-career and senior dance artists to explore generational themes and storytelling. This provides learning experiences for youth, as well as creative opportunities for senior dance artists. 3) To ensure the accessibility of the dance arts to the public through inclusive programming and scholarship programs. 4) To explore current themes in workshops, events and performances in a manner that enables the public to benefit from the enlivening powers of expression through movement. 5) To encourage and support the every day person in becoming artists

Thoughts About Art and Community

Build community and bring the enlivening powers of dance to the city. Help the every day person realise that they have an artist within them and that we all have the ability to dance. To help make dance education accessible to all.


RDDP creates dance performances, dance films, dance film festivals, dance workshops and dance jams. We mentor artists and educate the public about dance/theatre, the axis syllabus and the creative process through events such as audience creator chats and creative process blogs that give an inside view of the artist's process. We help make dance education accessible to all through various accessibility programs.