Elsa Hashemi


I have BA in English Translation and MA in Photography and have been working as an Artist & Art instructor in Iran for years. As I moved to Toronto two years ago, I started my job as a Photographer who creates Portfolios for Artists and designs Photo Books and websites based on their Art Works. Also, I do Conceptual Photography as my main interest. As an immigrant and due to significant differences including culture, language, art, and generally life, I have millions of ideas on my mind but I need connections and need to know a lot of people to actualize and perform my ideas. Also, creating art and doing art projects are always costly. Anyway, besides these two main interest, I enjoy Portrait, Family and kids Photography if I have been given any chance and I do a lot of street Photography in lovely streets of Toronto. Also, I have been an Art Coordinator and Photographer at Arta Gallery for 15 months and then I started my job as an Art and Photography Instructor at Rosetta School of Visual Arts and I recently exhibited my photographs in their beautiful gallery. So far, I have had 9 group exhibits and one solo show in Toronto, ON.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I believe each work of art can be enlightening in different ways specially when culture, language, time, and religion differences are taken into consideration. Familiarizing people with these factors through Art can be so fascinating and can be mind-blowing for them as they can experience how these factors can make similarities or differences among nations and their Arts although this can be simultaneously motivating for a group of people and disappointing for the others. In both ways, I believe, it makes them move or react and do something in order to show their agreement or disagreement and this is how Art can be effective. So, as an Iranian Immigrant, I have done a lot of projects here showing how life can be different from an immigrant's point of view. These differences may not be felt by a European Immigrant or American one. This is exactly where Art can be impressive and make different communities to start thinking and finding out about these challenges. It is not considered as Art but lessons which in the end make everyone strive to make good and big changes wherever he is.


Art has an international language which everybody can feel. No matter what language people speak, when it comes to a Work of Art, every body can understand and feel it and interpret it based on his own understanding. So, I suggest that we design activities whose main goal is living well and in peace. Activities should put all walks of life, from different nations, races and languages together and in each, they should try to make such an Art which has one language. Each person depending on his character and nation has his own life but when these lives get together and make something together which has all diversities and similarities in itself, it can be kind of art that affect everyone because each person's idea can be so different from the other one and theses differences are of great value. No similarities can be this challenging and worth thinking about.