Mandy Woo


I am a composer, producer and music educator based in Toronto. As a second-generation Chinese-Canadian with classical training in composition from the University of Toronto, the music I make shows influences of Western and Chinese cultures that I picked up from my upbringing. In 2009, I began a music project called postmoderndisco, making atmospheric hip hop beats fused with Classical elements and East-Asian melodies. Currently postmoderndisco is made up of a french horn player, a sultry RnB singer, and myself as the producer and programmer. I teach music privately and after completing my B.Ed at the end of July 2017, will be qualified to teach high school music. I have been teaching piano, violin, ukulele, music theory and history in Toronto over the last ten years. I am passionate about sharing the joy of music with others so I see myself continuing to advocate for music education and for my students and fans to explore their creativity on their own.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Living in a multicultural metropolis like Toronto where there are many 2nd-generation Chinese-Canadians, my goal is to promote more involvement in the music industry from this demographic. From my own observations, though there are many Chinese-Canadians living in this city, there aren't that many who try to pursue music or the other arts seriously. I hope to see this change by creating music that crosses between Chinese and Western influences.


I teach music - piano, violin, ukulele, music theory, history, composition, and electronic music production. Other activities - music arrangements, songwriting, event-planning, and social media marketing.