Sentir Venezuela Cultural Group

Organization Details

Maitland Place
Toronto , ON
M4Y 2V6

Phone: 6479615567


Sentir Venezuela Cultural Group, a Toronto-based non-profit organisation that expresses, promotes and encourages interest in Venezuelan customs and traditions, mainly through Venezuelan music and dance. Sharing our culture with all citizens of a multicultural Toronto is how we understand the keeping of Venezuelan cultures and traditions vibrant and alive. It was founded on August 6 2014. It has become the first professional Venezuelan Dance Group in Toronto.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We have had a positive impact within the Venezuelan community that live in Toronto, GTA and towns and cities in Ontario. This community has grown fast in the past years, because of the critical social and echonomical crisis that this country has. We also believe that future Canadian-Venezuelan generations will need what we provide. In my personal experience, my daughter was born here and she is half Canadian and half Venezuelan and I want she to grow up in an environment where she can have Venezuelan tradition and costumes. We have also participated in festivals and performing for the multicultural people who live here and have a great reaction.


SV provides performances at festivals, private parties and cultural events, as well as classes for adults and children in dancing, story-telling, Spanish language and music.