Yannis Lobaina

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Toronto , Ontario
M6C 2J2


Phone: 4169976331
Email: boromufilmsproductions@gmail.com


An artist for over 12 years, Cuban Writer, Filmmaker, and Storyteller based in Toronto. She studied at the Internacional School of Cinema, Radio and TV (Havana, Cuba) and holds a Creative Writing diploma (Centro Onelio, Havana, Cuba). In 2019, she received the RBC Arts Access Fund (Toronto Arts Foundation, 2019) which helped fund her photography exhibition ‘Rebirth’, which was showcased in August 2019 by Raw Artist Network (Toronto) at Mod Club. In 2017 Lobaina Micro-Grant recipient for her currently short Documentary “Where the Magic Happens” as an emerging filmmaker. Awards: 2019 RBC Arts Access Fund, 2018 RBC Arts Access Fund, 2019 TAC Newcomer & Refugees Mentorship Program. Lobaina’s writing has been published in many countries including Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, the USA, and Spain. Since arrived in Toronto, she has been active in community projects in her Spanish-speaking community, as well as other communities around Toronto. Lobaina completed Creative Facilitation Training and Community Artist Training: Cultural Competence and Anti- Oppression.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I'm passionate about creating community spaces and activities where the family and children can use art and storytelling through different creative tools and using recycled materials such as bottle caps, cardboard, newspapers, etc. Since I arrived in Toronto, I have been active in community projects as an art facilitator. Also, I completed Creative Facilitation Training and Community Artist Training: Cultural Competence and Anti- Oppression with Partners for Youth empowerment and Muse Arts. I love to explore themes of immigration, diaspora and motherhood through different storytelling tools, including documentary, photography and short fiction stories. I received as a writer of children's literature the 2019 Toronto Arts Council Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship grant and Twice Awarded RBC Arts Access Award 2019 & 2018 By Toronto Arts Foundation and Neighbourhood Arts Network.


Bilingual( Spanish-English) Storytelling workshops. Creative writing Workshops For kids. Photo Workshops for Kids.