Arts Ahead

Organization Details

951 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto , Ontario
M4K 3M2


Arts Ahead is a not for profit body coordinated by the Post-Graduate Arts Management Program at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre. Though each member stems from a different arts background, we have come together under the umbrella of Arts Ahead to highlight the importance of varying arts management topics through our newly instated annual symposia. Through this event, we seek to provide access for emerging and established arts managers to professional development and networking opportunities in order to help strengthen the position of arts management within the Toronto and Canadian arts and culture industries. And so, the planning of our second symposium, Engaging Millennials: Adapting the field of Arts Management, is now in full swing!

Thoughts About Art and Community

Arts Ahead is a collaborative group of emerging arts managers whose goal is to put on an annual symposium to benefit artists, and emerging/established arts managers. As a collective, we research recent topics within the arts community to find out what is relevant and put on a full day of professional development. This year, our focus is on how to engage current and established arts managers to embrace the potential of the millennial generation. We hope to bring in a group of speakers that will help educate arts managers on how to use the skills of millennials to their advantage. By putting on this symposium, it creates a collaborative environment for artists managing their own practice, and for arts managers working in the cultural sector that are looking to expand their knowledge through new technology, teaching techniques, forms of community engagement, and more.


At our one day symposium we will have keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops that will facilitate the discussion of a central topic: Engaging Millennials: Adapting the field of arts management. Our goal is to showcase the best practices to engage millennials by bringing in the professionals who are engaging them successfully in various art forms. We hope to explore new tools, techniques, and technologies through social media, apps, and more.