David Norsworthy

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Toronto , Ontario
M5G 1C3

Email: david.norsworthy@gmail.com


David Norsworthy, a Toronto-based dance artist and entrepreneur, graduated from The Juilliard School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2013. He has been privileged to perform and tour with Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (Toronto, Canada), Toronto Dance Theatre (Toronto, Canada), Camille A. Brown and Dancers (NY, USA), ZviDance (NY, USA), Jonah Bokaer (NY, USA), Brian Brooks (NY, USA), Dancenorth (Melbourne, Australia), Skånes Dansteater (Malmö, Sweden), Magma Dans (Stockholm, Sweden) and Andersson Dance (Stockholm, Sweden). He has recently presented his choreographic work at FRESH BLOOD (Toronto), Dumbo Dance Festival (New York) and Wave Rising Series (New York), The Juilliard-in-Aiken Festival (South Carolina) and ArtPowersArusha (Tanzania). Recent choreographic projects include a new work for Lamondance (Vancouver), a creative process workshop with New Dialect (Nashville) and a site-specific work at the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa). He has been featured in Dance Studio Life Magazine, Dance Canada Quarterly, The Dance Current and USA Today College. In June 2015, the New York Times described David as "intense... yet vulnerable... sensual and raw". He is the founder of FRESH Dance Intensive (freshdanceintensive.com), a touring dance workshop that bridges the gap between commercial and concert dance, and the co-founder of TOES FOR DANCE (toesfordance.ca), an initiative to develop audiences for contemporary dance in Canada.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Through my performances, workshops and classes, I strive to facilitate non-hierarchical platforms for exchange that cultivate a sense of connectedness between participants and foster a culture of listening. I am interested in asking relevant questions. By ‘relevant’ I mean understanding the context by minimizing default assumptions. By ‘questions’ I am referring to propositions that pierce and dissect traditions, prompting re-evaluation and recalibration. By ‘asking’ I’m balancing the directness of a request with the subtleties of suggestion; creating situations that do not insist on absolute truths but rather invite students, collaborators and audience members to contemplate possibilities.


Contemporary dance performances, workshops and classes.