Anne Bourne

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Toronto , Ontario


Composer Anne Bourne improvises parallel streams of extended cello and voice, for dance, film, digital media, and words. Anne travelled with acclaimed songwriters and created emergent sound work with Eve Egoyan; Fred Frith, John Oswald; Andrea Nann with Michael Ondaatje; Omaskeko Cree artist Duane Linklater; and filmmaker Peter Mettler. Anne performed the works of composers James Tenney, Nicholas Collins, Alvin Lucier, and Pauline Oliveros. After a Telematic performance with Oliveros in NY, 1993, Anne spent a series of summers in the mountains of northern New Mexico on retreat, Deep Listening with Oliveros, and was inspired to shift her way of engaging with sound in the world, and of creating sound. Anne was one of the first six to receive a Deep Listening Certificate, 1998. Anne is on Faculty at the Banff Centre in the Collective Collaboration Lab, and the Improvisers View of Notated Music, 2017. Anne believes each creative expression is an opportunity for the resolution of difference tones, between peoples, landscapes, and individual paradox, through listening.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I was a founding producer of the Musideum chamber concert series, designed as an inclusive series Creators of contemporary sonic work from many identities and geographical or spiritual origins could be in a room that dissolved barriers through the act of listening. I believe Toronto has an opportunity to lead in honouring of diversity through the creative solutions sound and listening offer.


I am a composer and pan genre improvising cellist and vocalist. I carry the Deep Listening Pieces of renowned composer Pauline Oliveros and I facilitate community building through listening and sounding, in the form of a Deep Listening Intensive.