Wood U

Organization Details

sunset beach road
richmondhill , on


Phone: 647 703 0396
Email: WoodU.MsLee@gmail.com


Wood U is an operation where Tulani designs and manufactures individual pieces of functional wood art such as cutting boards and serving trays. When people want a piece of functional art to say something, through Wood U, Tulani does just that. The product is unique because of the environmentally conscious approach as well as the one of a kind, handcrafted, artistic expression to each pieces. Food is something we all do, even the people who do not cook at home may want to have a kitchen complete with all the necessities to entertain. Someone looking for a nice cutting board to display on their counter that is eye catching and a beautiful conversation piece.

Thoughts About Art and Community

"Wood U" hopes to help invite to people to cook at home and spend time with family and friends. A personalized cutting board/serving tray is a beautiful and thoughtful gift and Tulani works toward sharing the comfortable, warm, beauty of wood with everyone!


“Wood U" invites participation in the wood selection. Customers are encouraged to bring in old wood that has history and personal meaning and to participate in choosing the design, the finishing, or the engraving. Wood U offers personalized engravings which is perfect for a house warming gift particularly for first time home owners or newly married, or even the new graduates moving out of the house for the first time.