Camille Lauren

Organization Details

Phone: 6476876191


I am an Artrepreneur drawn in deeply to the storyscapes found in music, within a conversation, and by looking deeply into someone's eyes. I am Toronto-based Visual Artist studying Illustration at Canada's very own OCAD University. A lover of my Caribbean heritage, I also completed a course in Jewelry Design at Jamaica's very own Edna Manley College. Born on the breezy island of Curacao, I spent my early years on the adjacent island of Bonaire, before leaving for Canada at the age of six with my family. My childhood memories are peppered with creative art sessions with her mom, and Flamingo sightings as we drove past the beach on weekends.   My passion is expressed through colour. Art of Ciel translates to Art of sky in French, and I create mixed-media paintings inspired by nature, sound and emotion. When I paint, I try to capture a moment, freezing narratives in a vibrant array of colour and texture. Music is an essential element of the inspiration behind my work. To me, sound goes beyond language. It is a soul conversation.

Thoughts About Art and Community

This passion for Art therapy is at the heart of my artistic practice. I try to create pieces that open dialogue, and hope to facilitate environments aimed at expressing, problem-solving and ultimately creating a path for healing. Art can be a natural way of addressing concerns of youth, adults and elders. I hope that by working with individuals we can brighten lives, and foster unity one brushstroke at a time.


My Skills include: Photoshop -Adobe Illustrator -Wordpress -Acrylic Painting -Illustrating with Ink -Graphic Design -Body Painting