Annie Idris


I am a freelance artist and illustrator. I come from a background in art, architecture and landscape. I draw in water colour and ink in a whimsical style. I freelance as a children's book illustrator as well as an art director. I also freelance my services as a digital layout artist/graphic designer and mural painter.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I wish to work for the community so people can relate to it. I have worked on neighbourhood projects where people living in those areas had a voice and they discussed what they like to see on their garage doors or in general in their neighbourhood. My illustration gives of a very light mood. It's humorous, colourful and whimsical and I hope it brings a smile to people's faces and brightens their day.


I have worked with the community and other art and community organizations alongside fellow artists, painting garage doors and laneways and also painting wooden canvases at summer festivals. I work digitally as well traditionally. I paint murals (neighbourhoods, cafe's etc). I work on children's picture books.