Deniz Basar


My central interest is the creation of public spheres through various forms of radical, non-institutionalized performative acts and community building processes, which keeps a potential of ethical resistance inside them. Here, I define public sphere (which can be described as “radical public sphere” by some scholars, but since I cannot define a non-radical one I will only use “public sphere) as the central form of direct democracy and a space of encounters which lead to public opinions and decisions far beyond the already-collapsing liberal democratic forms of majoritarian-representative democracies. Ultimately, I want to write a theory about the public sphere’s formation through performativity, resistance as performance, and performance as resistance. This is vitally important for me beyond academic desires. My faith is that–yes, it is possible to construct radical public spheres where people can communicate without violence and where this civil space can limit authorities. I am interested with a cluster of questions like: what does violence mean for the public sphere? Can violence be read as a form of praxis to destabilize social constructions of hegemony, a way to be heard beyond institutional paradigms?

Thoughts About Art and Community

These workshops will generate public sphere within the group, but once the work is open to the public (through performances of texts and digital publications), these plays will generate other discussion about the societal problems echoed in these texts. Through the workshop we will begin to discuss about the variety of performances going on in Toronto and discuss how they can be a part of this theatre circle both to enlarge and to change it. I realized that it was possible to create safe zones of political public spheres where people can share emotions, knowledge, stories and different perspectives, which, in turn, can be the first step toward defining an internal resistance that is translated into ever-enlarging creative and peaceful public spheres. I sincerely believe we need these creative public spheres, not as luxury, but simply to be able to deal with our collective pain and even more existentially, be able to breathe.


Playwriting workshops