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Toronto , Ontario
M6H 1X6


We are bloom consulting, a team of creative facilitators, designers, conveners and artists. We support organizations in harnessing their creative and collaborative potential. At bloom we believe that together we are more intelligent and innovative than we are alone. We support organizations to tap into their collective wisdom because true solutions and innovations lie in a multitude of leaders and viewpoints and in the convergence of our intelligences. Our team of seasoned and creative facilitators, work with clients to host multi-stakeholder conversations and offer arts-based facilitation to stimulate innovative, collaborative and productive workplaces and communities. Deep collaboration is a challenge, and so we offer coaching and facilitate trainings in diversity and inclusion. We are mindful of the upcoming generation and work with young people and youth-serving organizations to develop transformative leadership programs.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We build and strengthen creative and collaborative leadership culture with organizations and communities to thrive. We envision a world where everybody is a leader and people are engaged in the decisions affecting them, in a way that is meaningful and alive. We believe that in order to address the complex challenges our world is facing, we must re-learn how to work together across difference, creatively. - We design and facilitate meetings so that people can more effectively work together - listening and incorporating a diversity of perspectives at the table - We design processes for engaging community so that those most affected, are involved in decision making - We facilitate creative collaboration processes, strengthening teams, sparking creativity and innovation, and harnessing the collaborative visioning potential of organizations - We facilitate trainings in diversity and inclusion and participatory leadership to enable more engaged teams and communities - We design and facilitate youth leadership programs to develop the upcoming generation of authentic and collaborative leaders - We offer authentic leadership coaching, supporting leaders to be themselves, be present and harness the collective intelligence in their organization


Bloom is happy to offer: - Custom design and facilitation of meetings and multi-stakeholder engagement - Creative processes for rejuvenating creativity, sparking innovation - Team building - Training in diversity and inclusion and participatory leadership - Authentic leadership coaching - Youth leadership development - Youth leadership curriculum design