Sara Vargas Nessi


Sara Vargas Nessi is a visual artist, actress, and dancer. She has studied Fine Arts at Centennial College, Illustration at George Brown College and Arts at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Her work has been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in galleries and public places around Venezuela and Canada including: Toronto Center for the Arts, Urban Gallery, Château Laurier in Ottawa, and Artscape Youngplace. She has acted as exhibition coordinator for art shows as: “Fragments”, “Shadows” and “Pause, Don’t Pause”. She has collaborated in many community projects including: Transitions Mural, The Pride House That Kids Built and Between the Lines Mural. She has been recognized as a finalist for the Colleges and Institutes of Canada, Art Showcase Award. She is a featured artist in the 2017 Applied Arts Magazine’s Calendar. Her illustrations have been published in the storybook “Historias de Toronto” on December 2016.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Bringing joy and thoughtful feelings, my artwork is open to be discovered by each person in different ways. Its meaning shifts when it is experimented by people from different background and life paths. My art is about storytelling and interpretations. It talks about art and artists. I believe that inside every artist, there is a story to be told. Picture it as a tiny glow waiting to shine in its most powerful intensity. My intention with my art is to remind you to don't wait for your narration to lose its glow. As Sol LeWitt, father of conceptual art said in a letter to Eva Hesse: “DO” Make art, bad art, great art, just do.


The intention of my art is to create an environment for the viewer to experiment a safe place of diversity and open minded narration. The basis of my art is shadows and lights. With these elements, I create a conversation between the artwork and the viewer. Here is where the diversity comes to play and each one of us interpret the elements as our own.