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North York
Toronto , Ontario

Phone: 416-834-9195


I have a Bachelor Degree in Material Science-Ceramic Engineering from Azad University, Music Performance and Teaching Music Diploma from Tehran Conservatory of Music. I started learning the piano at the age of 8 and continued to the advanced level. I further enhanced my knowledge in the field of music and piano by taking several other courses such as harmony and composition lessons. I have taken part in a few master classes of Moscow from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. I have been teaching Piano Since 2003 and I have good experience in working with children and sharing the love of music with them. I have held more than 10 successful recitals for my students in Tehran. In addition to the art of piano I am passionate about the ceramics art. I attended in several trainings, workshops and master classes at Iranian association of pottery artists. Ceramics art is now one of my main professions and passions which is generally recognized by the swirled handles, colorful glazes and etc. I have been creating functional and decorative pottery since 2009. Furthermore, I have been represented a successful exhibition at Moghadam Museum of Tehran University in winter 2013.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Art is a unique and international language. Also, Toronto is a multicultural city. These programs do not belong to one or two specific communities. All of the communities with different cultures could join, have fun and work together while they get familiar with music, pottery and ceramic artworks.


I could observe ceramic, pottery and music workshops for different ages. Also, preparing piano recitals and ceramic artworks exhibitions. In addition, establishing piano lessons and pottery lessons.