Lacey Lucidity

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Little Italy
Toronto , ON

Phone: 514 - 601 - 3589


At the age of 9, Lacey began studying martial arts. Here she learned about balance, discipline, and how to be in her body. After earning a Black Belt in Karate at the age of 18, she went off to study business management. One day, while travelling in London, England in 2007, she decided to teach herself how to juggle. Only a hobby at first, she then began a job with Canada Revenue Agency, all the while juggling, eventually learning how to manipulate balls, clubs, fire torches, machetes and crystal balls. Eight years later, Lacey has researched and discovered a multitude of mind-body benefits of juggling and now, has left the business world behind to be a performer and avid promoter of the mind-body benefits of juggling. She has researched medical studies of juggling and spoken to juggling teachers from around the world, researching the direction that juggling is taking as a new form of therapy, as a way to engage the community, as an easy and non threatening way to encourage physical activity, as a way of entertainment at events and festivals, and as one discipline able to be combined with others (dance, theatre, 3D projection technology) in order to innovate and push the limits of what is possible in the future with this ancient art.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Juggling has had a very personal impact on Lacey's life, it has been her connection to her body and her go to activity for calming the chattering mind and getting into her body. There are numerous studies about the benefits of the brain for those who have learned to juggle, it is also a recognized and easy activity that both young and old can learn and begin their move to a life of increased physical activity without it being to strenuous at first, and it is also a great way to be active for introverts as well as extroverts, it is one of the few activities that can be fun and physical for people who have little access to group activities or for people who do not have the money to afford the cost of group sports. I believe that by taking a workshop with me or seeing my performance "We Are All Jugglers", both youth and adults can benefit from the messages and from the actual experience of learning how to juggle. Often people are blown away by the fact that something they truly believed was impossible (learning how to juggle) is actually possible for them and the joy of that moment can have a very positive effect in other areas of life.


Lacey offers a unique take on art therapy in the form of juggling workshops. Starting with just one ball, she takes groups of adults or youth through a series of simple, fun and achievable activities, step by step, teaching the art of juggling, all the while using juggling as a direct metaphor for: the process of learning, facing fears, learning how to overcome "the drops", and how to focus on multiple priorities at one time all the while "keeping the balls in the air". She also offers "Fun Zones" at festivals, and special events for youth, where balls and music are available for a fun and interactive play session using very simple juggling (throwing and catching) games. She also performs a very unique and elegant act using crystal balls called Contact Juggling, and is preparing a one woman show with the theme "We Are All Jugglers" to present at festivals and other events.