Project 40 Collective

Organization Details


We're a collective of Asian Artists who do collaborative art together because we believe when we explore the truths we hold inside us with each other, we create art that is devastatingly honest, and imaginatively bold. Our Threefold Vision: Collaborative Art Space & Platform: We believe that collaborative art builds intimate relationships between artists across different mediums and from different walks of life. Art done collaboratively reveals a shared form of truth that is integral to community building and sustaining. Asian Artist Community & Network: Engaging with Asian identity (in its various forms and contexts) is a way for us to build ourselves as a community. We recognize the unique set of challenges faced by diasporic Asians in terms of art, and desire a safe communal, mental, and emotional space where we can feel comfortable processing and dialoguing with our shared and individual identities and experiences. Critical Engagement with Culture & Ideas: We want to develop voices in our art that are informed, thoughtful and purposeful. Our critical engagement with historical and contemporary culture, ideas and art feeds and shapes our art practices. We believe that our work is not produced in a bubble of neutrality. Instead, it is formed and speaks into specific contexts. We aim to identify and critically engage those contexts, and create our own positions from which we want to speak.

Thoughts About Art and Community

The Asian Canadian community faces unique challenges in the arts, from drastic underrepresentation, little to no communal support for professional artists, and many different culturally specific factors that affect family and community life, political engagement and also artistic process. Project 40 Collective aims to be a space for Asian Artists to find community, and develop the means to work with their different circumstances with as many options as possible. We want to be a platform for Asian Artists to be visible in the Canadian arts scene in multiple disciplines, and nurture emerging artists in relation to more established artists who have been working in the field for a long time.


Col.lab Incubator where pairs or trios of artists receive funding to produce art projects and products with management consulting from Project 40 Collective, and access to our resources and networks. Blog Platform for Asian Artists in all disciplines to engage critically with cultural, political, social and artistic questions, develop their voices as actively engaged individuals.