Annie Wong

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Annie Wong is an artist, arts educator, and writer. Her work is conceptually diverse and is imbedded in various practices such as experimental pedagogy, endurance as performance, and relational aesthetics. She has worked for Mammalian Diving Reflex as the Young Mammals Director and is currently Broken Pencil Magazine’s Education Coordinator where she collaborates with young people to create socially engaged art. She holds a BA in English Literature and a MA in Communication and Culture from York University.

Thoughts About Art and Community

To Play: is to engage uncertainty as a method discovery. My work invites various communities, audiences, and institutions to play, experiment, and explore re-configurations of social structures to find, even if fleeting, hidden and latent potentialities of more playful ways of being together. My practice is predicated upon three primary methods, collective endurance: presenting a challenge that can only be solved collectively or collaboratively; elastic empathy: a form of negotiation that recognizes and shares power; collaborative communication: openness to various channels of meaning, interpretations, and understandings of the experiment.


In addition to art making, I offer education workshops for all ages in zine making, curriculum development, and sound poetry.