Organization Details

Phone: 416-859-6004


ART LET provides artistic outlets for people to creatively express themselves. Our mandate is to share, create and collaborate.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Getting caught up in the stress of every day life, many Torontonians forget the joy and play of creativity and creating something new. ART LET strives to provide the space and opportunity for Torontonians to express themselves and share ideas with other like-minded people. Through self-expression and collaboration, ART LET hopes to help Torontonians to live a more fulfilled life. Many participants of past ART LET Community Art Initiatives say that ART LET helped kickstart a new creative hobby, and helped spark new ideas in their professional lives and for side ventures.


The ART LET Toronto Community Art Initiative is an ART LET event that creates the space and the opportunity to get together with like-minded people to share, create and collaborate. Instead of going to a gallery or making art solo, you get to experience the joy and play of creating your own art piece in a fun Meet Up style environment where you can meet new people, make new friends and deepen connections with existing ones, whether you’ve had a recent experience creating art or not (or don’t consider yourself to be creative at all!). Using a canvas, you’ll make your own creative splash over the space of a few hours making something from nothing, using paint, pencils, markers and more. Just us to unwind, have fun and express yourself.