Dreamwalker Dance Company

Organization Details

Toronto , ON
Email: dreamwalkerdanceoutreach@gmail.com


Dreamwalker Dance Company promotes contemporary, holistic approaches to artistic creation, production, presentation and outreach programming.   Dance — the human body enlivened by multiple senses and intelligences — is the medium for creative collaborations and interactions. These exchanges occur among artists, youth, community members, presenters, producers, and audiences from diverse social, cultural, and artistic backgrounds. Our mandate is to facilitate the creation and sharing of art to inspire connectivity, consciousness and interdisciplinary/intercultural exchange. Artistic excellence is at the core of all our practices, activities and repertoire.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Our activities contribute to the local, provincial, and national arts economy. Through eight editions of The Whole Shebang (our annual Toronto multi-arts festival), Dreamwalker has presented and provided artist fees for over 240 local, emerging, and established artists. With the recent expansion of The Shebang Process into communities across Ontario, The Whole Shebang has also matured from performance vehicle into a dynamic community engagement model. Since 2012, The Ontario Shebang has offered community engagement programming and intensive, multi-year residences to over 35 artists from five mid-sized communities across Southern Ontario. Through adaptive processes and a variety of intercultural, integrated arts education and outreach programs, Dreamwalker has taken dance-based practices to over 12,000 learners/students including school age children, senior citizens, public service employees, educators, and academics across Ontario and nationally.  


Since inception in 2005, Dreamwalker Dance Company has been engaged in creating and touring a diverse repertoire of integrated dance works for stage and film in communities across Canada and the United States. Each year, Dreamwalker creates and produces new works and outreach activities. We work to engage the mind, body, heart, and spirit and our resulting work is poetic, intellectual, aural, sociological, tactile, and visual. Amateur, emerging and established artists, and members of the public participate as creators, responders, performers, learners, observers, and impassioned volunteers.