a field of crowns


a field of crowns is dedicated to the collaborative development and facilitation of new multi-disciplinary performance projects and community-engaged initiatives. I am interested in making performance a platform for conversation, collaboration and empowerment. To these goals, I produce a podcast of performance discourse (field notes.); promote projects through blog posts (dossiers) and social media; host a multi-disciplinary performance series to help bridge discipline-specific barriers (Seasonal Activities); and produce events to interact with and become shaped by the attending community (On & On & On and Myths of My Town). ~ Andrew Gaboury, artistic director

Thoughts About Art and Community

To nurture a more collaborative atmosphere and open conversation in Toronto between artistic disciplines // To provide anyone with a story to tell the tools to tell it, be that other bodies, sounds, words, ears, eyes, anything


Collective story-telling events // drop-in workshops // multi-disciplinary improvisational jams // I program a seasonal, multi-disciplinary night of performance called "Seasonal Activities" that is curated partly via invitation and partly via open calls for artists // I produce original shows