Hannah Maetzener

Organization Details

West End
Toronto , ON
M8V 1S5

Email: Hannahkatharine@gmail.com


Born and raised in rural UK, encouraged in art from a young age. I've always with a healthy appetite to explore and learn about the world. I have been traveling ever since I turned 18 and met my Canadian husband in Australia. We currently live and work in Toronto with our two little boys.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I hope to increase the freedom of expression in the area I live in, the more people chase their passions and make sacrifices to do so the happier we all are as shared experience of the life spark -inspiration- gives hope. In the future I hope to open up time and space for tutoring.


Since having kids and choosing to be a stay home mum my artistic endeavours have focused on portraiture art. Recording moments of family and loved ones in unique, heirloom quality artwork. I also run drawing workshops and paint murals.