Bhavana Mahajan

Organization Details

Toronto , ON
M4X 1R3


Hi, I am Bhavana. I completed my Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicines and surgery at MUHS, Nasik in the year 2005. I expertise in traditional Henna designs and explores her creative side with Ceramic Artwork, “Tie N dye”, candles with gel wax, stocking flowers. I am currently teaching Henna and Bollywood dance form for all ages with St. James Town Art, Toronto. My designs have been selected by St. James town arts for “Outdoor banner project” and Open street TO in 2014 and 2015. I am one of the leading artist in “Inside mural, Mandala” for Community Matters Toronto. I have been a volunteer artist for the FolkLore Art Project funded by BMO seeds and Neighbourhood arts network. Winner of the High Five Dance Party, 2015

Thoughts About Art and Community

I think Art is a therapy which can pacify a human from head to toe and inside out. By dancing people can improve their fundamental skill movements as well as can reduce their stress. This dancing is really helping the immigrant women who are here, feeling alone and looking for the friends. Our dance class serves this purpose. By doing wall mural or banners, I think I am helping community to feel being in the home away from the home as my projects are related to folk arts which people can recognize easily. And those banners or mural reminds them about their own culture which is soothing for them.


Currently I am working with Community Matters Toronto who is offering exercises through dance forms including Bollywood dance form for all ages. Along with this I am offering a henna workshops with St. James Town Arts for the community. I also do volunteering in community events.