Helen Melbourne


Visual Artist/Writer/Photographer, active Community Arts volunteer, former collective gallery member, degree in Urban and Regional Planning, minor in Health Promotion, retired entrepreneur. Primary visual media are textiles and mixed media with found objects and reclaimed/repurposed materials. have worked in a number of fields including research, administration, and academic institutions and government as well as running my own business. Currently volunteering with Greenest City in Parkdale and attempting to set up a not-for-profit Creative Reuse Centre.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Community building, language practice, skills development, acceptance and fun.


Workshops and drop-ins for Hope Garden members and the wider Parkdale community. One example has been the making of a community quilt with recycled materials and scrap. Currently trying to build interest and set up a Creative Reuse Centre that will be multi-disciplinary, intergenerational, cross-cultural and accessible regardless of means or ability.