Theatre Hera

Organization Details

88 Greensides Ave
Toronto , Ontario

Phone: 647-468-9097


The seed of Theatre Hera was planted in the minds of a group of young misfit artists in 2013. Facing the daily grind as working artists in the city for several years, they craved a new flow, a humbler system, and a free space where any artist could feel comfortable to explore their projects. Actively seeking a way in which the importance of collective creation and collaboration could be fostered with the alliance of multiple artistic mediums such as theatre and visual arts, Theatre Hera was given life. In pursuit of open artistic expression, Theatre Hera was fashioned with the intention of providing equal opportunity for all artists who have the desire and passion for creativity while primarily focusing on (but not limited to) emerging artists whose work has yet to be produced. Since it's birth, Theatre Hera has produced three original scripts, "The Flight of Avery Quint", "Sweetheart" and Audience Choice Award Winning "Sophie and the Stranger". The collective has also dabbled in art exhibitions ("Disease of Perception") and previously published work ("Cowboy Mouth"). Their current project features two new comedic plays showcasing the work of two emerging Canadian playwrights. For more information on Theatre Hera, visit:

Thoughts About Art and Community

The impact we hope to achieve by embarking on the journey of open artistic expression and collective creation is one of acceptance and progress. The significance and detrimental importance of the arts relies heavily on the freedom to create it. We hope to expose Toronto to a new idea, a new flow, and a fresh perspective on storytelling from the hearts of the people from the community themselves. Toronto’s diversity is staggeringly beautiful and a celebration and encouragement of combining ideas and art forms though the collective mindset allows for the creation and exploration of open expression. Too frequently are we divided; art remains a mysteriously beautiful realm in which there are no boundaries, prejudices, limitations or discrimination's. Theatre Hera inspires the will to be free together and unites people in their passion for art. In future, we hope to expand ourselves in order to invite more people to work with us through community workshops and activities and we are always welcoming of new ideas and continuously supportive of emerging artists. We hope to share a positive environment in which a comfortable atmosphere is filled will people and artists alike exploring their connection with art.


Theatre Hera currently supports the development of new scripts by emerging playwrights with a variety of activities such as dramaturgy of the script, work-shopping, and finally rehearsal and staging. At present, we are currently not in the stage of our development to offer any of the structured courses, programs or workshops that we wish to be providing for the community. However, this does not mean we do not have a plan for such future activities. Our potential activities range from weekly play readings and monologue evenings to full-fledged theatrical festivals and events. We hope to use our expansion to provide more activities that are open to the public. Our collective is comprised of an array of diverse multidisciplinary artists who excel in specific areas such as acting, directing, clown/juggling, cartooning, design, singing, Photoshop, voice/movement, and many more. With the proper planning and funding, we hope to execute our potential workshops in the near future, dispersing them throughout our regularly scheduled show calendar.