Theatre francais de Toronto

Organization Details

21 College street (# 610)
Toronto , Ontario
M5G 2B3

Phone: 416-534-6604


Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) is a professional French-language theatre presenting repertoire as well as new work. While appealing to all lovers of French-language theatre, it contributes to the cultural and educational development of the communities it reaches. Its governing principles are as follows: • To ensure the artistic excellence of its productions; • To value its human resources as key players in the quality of its productions, its services, and development; • To maintain a high level of satisfaction among its audiences; • To contribute to the promotion of francophone culture and the expansion of the French language; • To encourage collaboration with Canada’s francophone and francophile artists and companies; • To make our activities as accessible as possible to all francophone and francophile communities.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Since its creation, TfT has provided a meeting place for francophones and francophiles of various origins living in the GTA and southwestern Ontario. Our clientele includes, as well as Franco-Ontarians, people from all over Europe (especially France), Quebecers residing in Ontario; and francophones from various African countries, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Our audience also includes non-francophones who speak French as a second language and English speakers. TfT works to expand the talent pool from which it draws new creative minds and art makers and caters to a variety of audiences. An eclectic institution, the company is looking to make famous plays from renowned authors more accessible to its public as well as present new original works from Toronto and abroad. TfT seeks to challenge, provoke, and entertain the public through a variety of theatre styles and genres steeped in French theatrical culture. Our studio (aka our Centre for Creation) has become an indispensable space for artist development. It allows our casts longer rehearsal periods to explore the text and characters and to step back from the work. When we are not using the studio, we rent it or, depending on their budget, lend it to francophone artists.


In addition to presenting touring shows and producing plays, TfT has been offering theatrical improvisation workshops in French and drama classes for kids (5-7 and 8-13 years old) for several years.