Alex Usquiano

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario


Alex Usquiano is a Toronto based visual artist who integrates different techniques to his exploration of new and contemporary languages of Art. Alex has more than fifteen (15) years working on the arts, both a practicing artist and an artist educator, Alex uses his talent on painting, performance, drawing and photography to promote love for the arts and to encourage children to find ways for self-expression and explore their creativity. Alex is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. Among many projects of Conceptual Arts and being companions to many newcomer artists in Canada, Alex lead the Artists Collaboration Program which seeks to showcase the work of visual artists living in Latin America in different cities of Canada and USA.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Working toward a more inclusive society that give the proper status to artists and that encourages children and youth to explore their artistic spirits


Youth Photography Project with high school students age 15-19 using photography as art-form that contributes to self-expression while exploring power imbalances