Latino Canadian Cultural Association

Organization Details

61 Elm Grove Ave. - Suite 206
Toronto , Ontario
M6K 2J2

Phone: 416-531-4149


The LCCA is a non-profit organization committed to develop a strong community and support system for Latin American artists in Canada. We are dedicated to create opportunities for our members by working as a collective and collaborating with other artistic communities nationally and internationally. The LCCA encourages innovation through its programming of contemporary visual arts exhibitions and multidisciplinary cultural events. The Latino Canadian Cultural Association(LCCA) provides a network that connects contemporary Latin American artists to the greater Canadian community through its programming of contemporary visual arts exhibitions and multidisciplinary cultural events. The LCCA also actively promotes and maintains relationships with international cultural institutions and artist collectives.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Our Audience is Firstly Latino-Canadian, African-Canadian and South Asian-Canadian, secondly Latin American, African and South Asian Artists. As Canadian artists we are helping to broaden the traditional definition of what Canadian culture is. Our partnership with other organizations representing cultural groups has engaged Canadians of all backgrounds, who find in our programming a source for intellectual and cultural identification or diversification to partake in our festival. More importantly, we had the participation from the various members of our community: the LGBT community, African-Canadian community, South Asian community making our festival extremely rich and diverse, not only in its programming but also in its constituency. We choose to present works with different contents and co-presenters who reach different audiences, therefore diversifying our audiences. We have also included in our marketing activities, films and videos with contents dealing with varied issues. As part of our audience retention activities we continue to support throughout the year the presenting activities of some of our audience members. We also maintain and update a complete database that helps us stay in touch with our audience, and we keep them informed of our activities through mailing lists and email communications.


The Latino Canadian Cultural Association has been offering Visual Arts Exhibitions and Multicultural Festivals of Music, Dance and Visual Arts in partnership with African, First Nations and South Asian organizers in a yearly basis. It has also offered Workshops of Photography, Video and Printmaking.