Luminato Festival

Organization Details

180 Shaw Street, Suite 301
Toronto , Ontario
M6J 2W5

Phone: 416-368-4849


Luminato Festival is Toronto’s international multi-arts festival for people open to having art change their outlook on the world. For 10 days each June, Luminato Festival transforms Toronto’s theatres, parks and public spaces with hundreds of events celebrating theatre, dance, music, literature, food, visual arts, magic, film, and more.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Luminato Festival’s hallmarks include widely accessible events—inviting Festivalgoers to participate, explore, and celebrate their own creative spirit. Luminato Festival embraces and celebrates Toronto’s diversity, and recognizes that creativity flourishes when cultures join together in a spirit of exchange and respect. Luminato Festival reflects artistic collaboration, bringing together local, national and international artists from different genres, disciplines and cultures to originate new and unprecedented creative expressions. Luminato Festival transforms Toronto and its culture by creating, commissioning and presenting exceptional work that impacts and changes our experience of our city. Luminato Festival adds a fifth season to our natural four seasons.


The Luminato Festival embraces all fields of creativity and encourages cross disciplinary collaboration and creation among leading artists and inspired thinkers of all kinds to transform Toronto, create a culture that is accessible to all people and impact Canadian and global arts.