Organization Details

155 Walnut Avenue
Toronto , Ontario
M6J 3W3

Phone: 416-532-3019


Arraymusic provides a well-equipped affordable rental facility, The Array Space, for musical artists to rehearse, record and present their music. Arraymusic is passionate about contemporary art music – the creative music of its countrymen in particular. To this end, Arraymusic has fostered, performed, commissioned, toured, promoted, taught and recorded Canadian contemporary classical music (new music) within an international context for four decades. Array supports young and emerging composers, fosters innovation in music, and creates a space and platform for creative music artists working in all the genres to call home. These are hallmarks of Array. Array is constantly adapting to – and in this way impacting - new technologies, instrumentations, distribution means, and society’s perception of music creation.

Thoughts About Art and Community

The Array Contemporary Music Program brings the music to life by: Supporting leading and emerging composers, resident ensembles, and collaborators; performing/presenting, and co-presenting/co-creating; mentoring /incubating/ underwriting; and commissioning/improvising. And, Array’s second major Artistic Program, The Array Creative Music Hub, provides an effective platform that supports a community of diverse voices and strengthens the creative music scene by: Fulfilling collective needs for space (affordable, outfitted, accessible, comfortable); sharing capabilities and removing barriers (to enable creation, presentation, documentation, distribution, collaboration, cross-promotion); bringing together diverse participants (to strengthen community, extending the art form, fostering cross-pollination, and building interest in the art); exploring new ways of working; and developing and implementing an innovative, more sustainable business model. The number of co-presentations and collaborative productions next season demonstrates a more vibrant Array and animates Array’s new vision. The amount / quality of activity in Array’s Space is astonishing! Array’s greatest achievement this year is fostering a community of like-minded, diverse, young and established, artists in the development of a creative music hub, which grew rapidly and organically.


Concerts, Workshops, Hands-on activity, rehearsals, experiments, video projection and video taping. Arraymusic is a state of the art facility that maintains affordability and flexibility in support of art making by both emerging and established artists.